the beginning, again


I hate writing, I love having written.
Dorothy Parker

I’ve been here before. Countless times over the years. Only for one reason or another, writing fell to the wayside. Life had a way of getting in the way.

Over the past summer I was forced to slow down by having emergency surgery.  The day of my 46th birthday, I was in the ER having a turkey sandwich, and IV cocktail.

Waiting to be admitted for abdominal surgery the following morning.

It was rather life changing.

And humbling.

I had a lot of time on my hands during recovery. So I thought about the possibilities of making a little blog again. Wondered if there was room on th internets for a middle aged, Lilly Pulitzer loving, champagne drinking, dog momma? 

I mean, why not?

I have a sense of style, (sometimes). Enjoy good bourbon, (neat). I am not your average middle aged gal, (kid free and joyous about it). I am a dark oddball given my career, (forensics). I have so much to say about all the things!

I put the idea away, (again). Fall was arriving. Football, travel, the holidays. When was I going to have time? I really needed to figure some things out before I could dive in.

Fast forward to now. The time after Christmas but before the New Year.

So much possibility.

Here I am.  Giving it ago.  

Old school.  With my double space after the end of a sentence, and my Oxford commas, I am here.

Enjoy the ride.

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